A state–of–the–art AU data center

Amaze is amongst the premium–quality data centers in Australia. It has an excellent location, a big peering network and partners with several top–tier clients. The temperature and humidity levels are maintained in line with energy efficiency standards all the time.

The data center offers terrific online connectivity with all the countries in the Southern Hemisphere, which will ensure extra–fast load speeds for your sites.

Great network connectivity

The Amaze data center has got its own communication layer, which has access to the infrastructure of numerous TSPs. Special N+1 communication rooms accommodate major local and global TSPs to guarantee first–class connectivity for your online presence. This way, your websites will load at super–fast speeds not only in Australia and Oceania, but in the rest of the world too.

In addition, the AU data center makes it possible for more network service providers to be added by ensuring different cable routes and pathways. You can also position custom–built satellite and antenna devices in a specially designated place on the facility’s rooftop.

Industry compliant power & air conditioning environment

Our Australian data center is built to perform according to enhanced Tier III requirements, which means that it offers a 99.982% network uptime guarantee. The facility is directly connected to the National Grid via two independent 20 MVA mains feeds. If anything goes wrong, twenty two diesel–fueled generators are available to take over the load at any moment.

Amaze offers N+1 cooling options, which means that we’re able to add as many physical servers as we wish, without the need to alter the present cooling capacity. This permits us to add more servers to our cloud hosting system at any moment, without putting them in danger of overheating.

Safety and server monitoring conditions

We’ve got a group of expert technicians who are working on–site 24x7 to guarantee unrivaled security levels. They’re using BMS systems to keep an eye on all the crucial mechanical devices and SCADA systems to keep track of the electrical appliances. By means of 24/7/365 closed–circuit television surveillance and mantraps, they are controlling the physical access to the facility.

We have also created a custom monitoring and notification system, which permits our admins to control the server network and to stick to our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

AU data center server network

We have been partnering with Amaze for just a few years, yet we are already astonished by the things they can offer us. This is the reason why we keep a significant number of servers in the data center facility – production servers, billing servers, administration servers, testing servers, backup servers and many more.

And thanks to their skillful technicians, we are able to set up a brand new server from scratch and to add it to our cloud hosting network within a couple of hours.

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