A top–tier UK data center

The UK data center retains many types of cloud hosting servers and VPS servers servers and it is the most appropriate location for aekap’s revolutionary cloud hosting platform. What’s more, it is equipped with a totally dependable network and excellent connectivity with Europe, Africa and most of the Asian nations.

For that reason, in case your users are from any of the previously–mentioned continents, you’d better choose the UK data center as an alternative to picking out the popular US data center solution.

A dependable server web hosting environment

Technological knowledge as well as server quality were the primary factors why we chose the UK data center over alternative UK locations. The facility’s management body has integrated one of the best network structure and also server gear are available on the market today. The facility features double the cooling ability and power as compared to other data center facilities, which permits us to provide a perfect hosting environment for your websites.

Furthermore, Pulsant is famous for featuring direct fiber accessibility to the U.S.A. and Europe (Amsterdam and Paris), that assures an excellent network prospect of your mission–critical web applications.

A 99.9% network uptime warranty

The UK data center is in the business for 7 years as of present moment. The 10,000–square–feet data center features 16–amp racks and N+1 redundancy. The UK data center comes with a superior peering network and is linked to 2 important London Docklands data centers through a 10Gig Extreme Networks ring.

A fantastic network configuration warrants ideal connection speeds for people coming from Europe, Asia and Africa. Furthermore, aekap’s network functions in great synchronicity to the UK data center’s network, which permits us to warrant a 99.9% uptime for your web sites.

24–hours–a–day data center customer support

We have worked very hard to make a trustworthy website hosting setting for your sites. Our system administrators have created an innovative type of Debian Linux, optimized to work with aekap’s cloud hosting system.

We have additionally designed a customized alert system. It will inform us each time there is a trouble with our web servers or with just about any web server process at all. It’ll automatically alert all system administrators available so that they can fix the problem right away.

Secure & efficient UK hosting servers

We have been working in collaboration with the UK data center for quite some time now and throughout that period we’ve put more than 80 servers inside the data center, which include regular production servers and backup servers, testing servers, dedicated and main VPS machines, semi–dedicated servers, administration servers, and many others.

All these servers are members of the outstanding cloud hosting system and each of them is linked to the unique notification system, in order that we’ll be able to keep track of all of them twenty–four–seven.

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