Top–hole dedicated hosting services for websites geared toward people coming from the States, Canada or Latin America.

If you want to guarantee a jaw–droppingly fast web site loading speed for your customers from the USA, Canada or Latin America, you must find a powerful hosting solution as well as a top–notch datacenter in the region. We, at aekap, give you the possibility to get a top–notch dedicated servers in one of the best–connected datacenters in the States, which is physically located in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

The US data center has exceptional online connectivity and complete power redundancy and also partners with some of the biggest telecommunications service providers in the United States. If you’d like to host your websites in this datacenter too, then just indicate it on our web hosting order page.

On the order page, you can pick between several different robust dedicated server configurations featuring Gigabit NICs and generous monthly traffic and RAM memory allowances. On the order page, you can choose a preferred Operating System (CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu). Plus, you will receive complete root access to the dedicated server and a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. Also, our administrators will set up the server for you free of charge.

Other US Hosting Services

In our US data center you’ll find US Based Cloud Hosting, which feature a 99.9% network uptime guarantee, a free–of–charge domain name and unlimited disk space & traffic allocations. We also offer US Based VPS Servers, which are the best solution for your resource–heavy sites – repeatedly visited web stores, commercial websites, etc. You may also use a US Virtual Private Server as a production server. Also, in our US data center you can also find US Based Semi-dedicated Servers. They are an excellent choice if you wouldn’t like to deal with any server management procedures, but you need much more power than a classic cloud hosting account can possibly offer.