Provide your web site a boost making use of US Based Semi-dedicated Server

Semi-dedicated Servers really are a hybrid solution. They depict a exceptional combination involving the power of a dedicated server and also the user–friendliness of a standard cloud hosting account. Employing a semi–dedicated server, you’ll not possess root access to the server, yet you also will not have to manage any server management activities. And you will be able to command everything with the our Web Site Control Panel.

To be able to offer you this kind of progressive web hosting solution, we require the assistance of a top–tier data center where we can easily set up our custom cloud infrastructure. That’s why we selected our US data center for being home of our semi–dedicated servers.

The US data center is located in downtown Chicago. It’s directly linked with a lot of the top–tier Internet suppliers in the USA, offering wonderful online connectivity for all of the web sites hosted there. Moreover, thanks to the exclusive infrastructure we’ve constructed there, we are able to guarantee you a 99.9% network uptime.

With the combined power of our cloud hosting system and our data centre, our US Based Semi-dedicated Servers are an exceptional solution for your website.

Other US Hosting Services

Inside our US data center we also provide various web hosting options besides from the semi–dedicated servers. If you have to run your own personal web site and require a 99.9% server uptime guarantee, then you can check out our US Based Cloud Hosting. In addition, they provide unrestricted disk space, monthly traffic and MySQL database storage space quotas. If you need to establish a development environment for your forthcoming projects or need something much more than the usual cloud hosting account for your website then our US Based VPS Servers could be the best option. They are built with ultra fast SSDs and have loads of cost–free site setup tools. If you require a hosting service that will enable live video streaming and conversion, then you definitely cannot go wrong with our US Based Dedicated Servers that are the best service for any CPU hungry website or app. They are bundled with a collection of Control Panel tools and are backed up by a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and a 24/7 technical support service.