Semi-dedicated server allocations

As its name hints, a semi-dedicated servers resembles a dedicated server. You share the resources of a full–fledged dedicated server with just a few other customers as compared to the hundreds of customers on a shared hosting server. Thus, you acquire access to a wealth of system resources at a much lower price. Additionally, a semi–dedicated server is less difficult to manage in comparison with a full–fledged dedicated server.

As opposed to a dedicated server, you will not be granted full root access to the physical machine itself and will not have the possibility to choose a server OS and a Control Panel. In spite of this, you’ll be able to benefit from aekap’s leading–edge cloud hosting platform, which boasts an awesome stability.

A cloud hosting system

Our cloud hosting platform is the foundation of all the semi–dedicated server packages that we are offering. This will give your semi–dedicated server an amazing stability of performance and you will never have to worry that you’re sharing a server with a few other customers.

On top of that, aekap’s cloud hosting platform allows for a really fast and easy migration from a cloud hosting account to a semi–dedicated server package. Simply press the Upgrade button and we’ll take care of the transfer on your behalf within seconds. What is more, you can switch between our semi–dedicated server packages with a mouse click.

aekap’s cloud hosting packages go hand in hand with the point–and–click Hepsia web hosting Control Panel, so you’ll be able to administer your semi–dedicated server through an easy–to–work–with user interface offering a number of web site setup tools and free bonuses.

Convenient to use Web Site Control Panel

A semi–dedicated server is much easier to manage compared to a dedicated server because of the cloud hosting system it is based on and the Web Site Control Panel it comes with.

aekap’s custom–developed web hosting Control Panel is designed to work in the cloud. As a result, it performs really fast and offers a remarkably intuitive interface where updating file permissions or creating a Varnish instance is a piece of cake. The Control Panel also offers seamless navigation, so you can quickly go from one section to another and easily find your way around.

Also, you don’t need to be worried about server management operations. We’ll keep track of your server 24/7/365 and will implement all the required maintenance procedures for you. In this way, you’ll be able to concentrate only on your web sites.

Large amounts of complimentary bonuses

In the web hosting Control Panel there’s a host of free–of–charge tools and bonuses that will enable you to launch and popularize your web sites with a simple click and make full use of your semi–dedicated server’s power.

With custom–developed web site setup tools like our single–click Web Apps Installer and our instant Website Installer, you’ll be able to create your new blog, Internet forum or photo gallery with one mouse click. Moreover, the inbuilt Website Optimization Resources will help you make a new sitemap or add RSS feeds to your website. And thanks to the detailed web analytics statistics, you will be kept up to date with your web site’s online behavior in real time.

And to help you give your web sites a drastic speed boost, we have incorporated a host of Site Accelerator Tools in the Control Panel. Using Memcached and Varnish, you will be able to cache inbound queries and make your web sites faster than the blink of an eye.

Improved server security

Aside from better performance, semi-dedicated servers also ensure much better protection for your web sites.

On our custom cloud hosting system, your semi–dedicated server will be running software that’s based on a security–enhanced version of the already extremely secure Linux OS. We have tweaked the server Operating System even further to make it perform better with the server’s hardware architecture and also to diminish the chances of stumbling upon potential problems.

The semi-dedicated servers are available in any one of our secure data centers. There, they will be protected by a number of anti–DoS tools.