We recognize the fact that you could have vital information on your virtual or dedicated server, and that's why we offer an optional backup upgrade that you can add at any time. While shared website hosting servers are backed up frequently by all hosting service providers, this is not so for standalone servers, so if you don't keep a copy of your files on your home pc, you risk losing valuable information in case something goes wrong - deleting something by accident or updating a script-driven program unsuccessfully, for instance. With our additional service, we shall generate a backup of your content on a different hosting server as to make certain that we'll have a good copy at all times and that we are able to restore everything just how it was before the predicament emerged. The optional upgrade will allow you to manage your content without worrying about possible breakdowns of any type.
Weekly Backup in VPS Servers
The backup upgrade can be acquired for all VPS servers that we offer irrespective of the disk space they provide or the amount of it you actually use. You may add it whenever you want, so if you wish our system to generate a copy of the info you have on the hosting server from the very beginning, you could choose the upgrade on the order page, while in case you decide that you wish to use it once your websites are already set up, you'll be able to order it with a number of clicks through your billing Control Panel. As we will keep a copy of all which you create or upload on the web server on a weekly basis, we'll be able to restore any content quickly. The backups are a part of our Managed Services pack, so you could choose if you want only this upgrade or to have your content backed up as part of a number of other maintenance services.
Weekly Backup in Dedicated Servers
We offer weekly backups for every single dedicated server, so whatever OS or hosting CP you choose or what content you upload, we're able to keep a copy of your data on an independent server and restore it when you need it. The upgrade supply you with 50 gigabytes of disk space which you can use and you can get it at any time with a few mouse clicks. If you wish to have backups from the beginning, for instance, you'll be able to purchase the service together with the dedicated server, while if you need it later, you could add it to your plan from the billing area. Even though all hardware components are reviewed thoroughly, a software issue might show up at any time, so using our backup service shall give you additional security, specifically if you have valuable info on the machine. You'll be able to use this service as a part of our Managed Services package deal as well along with a number of other web server management services that will make the administration of your dedicated hosting server much simpler.