Through the aekap Web Site Control Panel, you’ll get actual time access to the server resources consumed by your websites plus the traffic that’s generated by your clients. The information is displayed in a convenient–to–use visual interface, on a per–day, weekly and monthly basis. Also, you can get detailed information in relation to our platform including the actual IP address of the hosting server, the OS, the currently utilized variations of PHP and MySQL and much more.

Server Information

Look into info about your server

If you wish to see what exactly is the existing release of PHP or MySQL or even the OS on the web server where your hosting account is situated, proceed to the Server Info section of the Web Site Control Panel. There you’ll also get information regarding the setup Perl modules, the inbound and outbound email servers, as well as the actual IP address your web hosting server.

You’ll find the web hosting server details table in the Statistics part of the aekap Web Site Control Panel.

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Access & Error Logs

Instantly uncover any web site functionality issues

The Access and Error Logs report info about the hosting server, consisting of details about hosting server access and the sorts of faults detected throughout server performance. You can get both kinds of info about the functionality of your web sites in the Online Stats Manager part of the Web Site Control Panel.

The access log records each of the text files, image files, video files, etc. that individuals have demanded to see in your web site, whilst the error log archives almost all warnings and issues the host has experienced ever since the log file was made.

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Web Traffic Statistics

Check out the traffic to your site in the finest detail

With the web statistics applications included in the aekap Web Site Control Panel, you’ll be able to monitor the traffic on your website in a great detail. You may choose in between 2 famous interfaces – Webalizer and Awstats, both of which present you with more information about the visitors to your website plus the content material they read on a day–to–day, weekly and monthly principle.

You do not have to configure anything at all beforehand to receive site traffic data for your sites. Within the Web Traffic Statistics section of your Web Site Control Panel, simply visit the stats file for a selected host and get hold of the information that you need for your website marketing practices.

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CPU Statistics

Monitor your websites’ CPU load

The CPU stats enclosed in your Web Site Control Panel will give you realtime details about the server load that is created on your hosting account by your applications, database requests, etcetera. Consequently, the more dynamic and complex your website is, the more web server resources it may need to always be operating smoothly.

The CPU load figures are supplied in a readable fashion and provides you with info about the web server load made daily, each month or annually. This precise data will keep you up to date on the server power utilization at any given second and can help you prevent your websites from moving offline in consequence of hosting server overload (reached server power usage restrictions).

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